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A friend of mine once suggested a kind of thought experiment, in which you describe the awesomest version of yourself.  Maybe that version of you is fluent in French or drives a sports car or can tie a bow tie (I care about none of these things).  The point is to imagine yourself the way you wish you could be, excluding things over which you have absolutely no control (“I wish I was taller” is not really possible, but “I wish my nose was smaller” is within your control).  It’s a nice little exercise for knowing yourself and what you want, so you can make sure what you do daily is in line with what you want out of life.

Right now, the awesomest version of myself has an outlet for my thoughts.  Often these thoughts will be about current science that gets me excited.  But equally likely my thoughts are about language or music or food or numerous other areas.  But since I’m not planning on going to any open mic nights anytime soon, here we are.  You probably won’t like all of my thoughts (I definitely won’t), but hopefully you’ll enjoy a few of them.  Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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